Starting your own business means focusing on all sorts of new company developments. However, one of the main challenges you may come across is building your own website.

It may be tempting to use builders such as Squarespace and Weebly to get started on developing your own website. Here at Border Webworks we’ll provide you with reasons why you should refrain from doing so and explain how we can help you create the perfect site with a better alternative.

Not actually your website

By using a site builder, you’re stuck with them for the long run. You can’t move your site even if you wanted to. Not only is this frustrating if you wanted to change your hosting provider or such, but this means you don’t even own the site itself.

Your domain name also isn’t truly your own

Many businesses look to having their own domain name be seen as an independent, high-end and ultimately recognisable asset for customers to see when searching for them in popular engines like Google.

Unfortunately, choosing to use a site builder means you’ll more than likely have the website builder’s own business name plonked onto the end of it. Not a great way to catch the attention of customers when you’re trying to claim independent design.

Not only does that make for a cluttered domain name, but also reduces your brand’s value. It can also cause site visitors to be uncertain of using your site to do business.

One server; multiple speed problems

Speaking of Google, your site is less likely to be noticed by them and visitors because of the slow website speeds site builders have to offer.

As many website builders host sites on one server, this means your site will be competing with other’s that are within that space. This means that there is less chance of you having the resources you need to improve the website speed and ensure you can have swift support.

CMS (Content Management System) and website builders: not the same

Content management systems and website builders don’t offer the same freedom one would expect. In fact, by choosing to create a site with a builder you are losing out on controlling the content to a full extent. That is why using a CMS is preferred as it allows you to organise your content without the limited features.

Additionally, as aforementioned, you’re effectively held hostage by a website builder once your site is built with them. By using a CMS this means that you can migrate your site from one host to another easily without disruption to your website.

How to move forward with help from our team at Border Webworks

You can certainly learn more about all this and other reasons why you should avoid using website builders with the help of our professional team.

We specialise in creating bespoke websites for all sorts of businesses and have an extensive knowledge regarding the safest and most effective ways to build a website. Simply give us a call on 0800 009 6151 to enquire about what we can do to help you and make sure your site is a positive space for your customers to use and visit.

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