Border Webworks is an expanding web design business based in The Scottish Borders. We offer our clients professional internet services ranging from web design and development to Search Engine Optimisation. Our strong work ethic and innate sense of design has allowed us to acquire clients in such diverse fields as:

  • Charities
  • The Leisure Industry
  • Retail
  • And The Hospitality Industry

We also have a firm belief that “websites should not cost the earth” and this has seen us connect with many of our clients in a way that is not normally found in an online company. This has resulted in a significant number of clients becoming more than just a simple billable source of income. It has seen some of our clients become friends.

We design and build websites that comply with one of the strictest online standards in the world – Your Standards!

It’s your business and your website so we will design and build a website that complements all of your business practices and standards. We will also ensure that your site functions exactly as you need it to and no matter if it is a bespoke website or a single page online presence, we will consult with you throughout the entire time of our involvement in the project.

We have a range of skilled professionals working in the Border Webworks team who all work under the management of the owner Andrew Calder who uses his knowledge and experience to bring each of their skills together, to produce quality websites.

Key Team Members

Andrew Calder

Rahul Jain

Crianne Calder