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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the term given to any work – on and offsite, that will increase the probability of your website naturally ranking higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We have a holistic approach to SEO, focusing on all the major factors that influence the position of your website in search.

What are the major factors that influence your website in search?

There are many SEO techniques and tactics that can really boost your online presence, ranging from quality onsite and offsite content, keyword and search phrase research & analysis, quality link building and social media presence to name just a few.


How our service works


Free Consultation

Our work always begins with a free consultation with our client. It’s important to get to know about you and your business so that we can effectively begin to review the website and improve your SEO friendliness. The first big stage is to evaluate your keywords and search phrases that you wish to rank for. Picking the right keywords and search phrases are key, especially if you want to be attracting potential customers rather than just site visitors. Before we get into the nitty gritty SEO work though, we do have to fully optimise your website and make sure that it’s a quality website that search engines like and are drawn to.

Simple Service & Monthly Reports

Our service is simple – together we plan out your campaign and then our SEO experts will jump straight in. They will over time be working with you to make your website fully optimised and SEO friendly. You’ll be able to see all of your results because we provide you with monthly reports, where we’ll detail your SEO results and the work we’ve completed.

Patience is key

SEO takes time to master and optimise. Your site’s SEO results will not be immediately improved after a week, it will take longer. We will extensively plan and execute a goal orientated strategy that will achieve the best results for your website and business. Over a period of months, you will see your website climbing in the search engine results of your targeted keywords and search phrases.

Increase of Business

SEO not only increases visits your site, but it also attracts worthwhile potential clients – therefore increasing business.

Affordable Prices

We know that running a business can be difficult with many other important financial commitments, however our SEO services are extremely affordable. See your SEO options below – we have three effective options.

If you want to maximise your website potential, then do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your SEO and find out how we can help!