To put it simply, ‘bounce rate’ is what refers to how quickly someone clicks off of your site after they visit. With Google Analytics you can find out just how high or low your bounce rate percentage is. If it’s high, that means people have been and gone as soon as possible; perhaps not even looking at your website pages. If it’s low, this means that people have taken the time to look around and get to know your website and business.

That is why it is important to find out how to improve your bounce rate and achieve those goals you’ve been hoping for regarding your website. To make the research process even easier, choose our professional and attentive team at Border Webworks to advise you on how to improve your bounce rate.

Why does bounce rate matter?

For multi-page websites, bounce rate can be key for showing you how engaging and practical your content is. Unlike single-page sites, you’ll need consider adding extra features to make it more appealing to visitors.

Welcome to Google Analytics!

You can learn plenty from these by diving into the content and seeing your average bounce rate. There is plenty to study from as soon as you sign in, making it the perfect opportunity to note down what you need to improve – whether it’s content, homepage, social media or other.

Watch out for traffic!

In the likelihood that you have place your website in other locations or made reference to certain topics, you’ll need to find out where your traffic is coming from. For example, if you have referrers with low bounce rates, this means your traffic is mostly coming from them. Alternatively, if your social media referrer has a high bounce rate, this means that there aren’t many people sticking around.

Depending on where your traffic is coming from, this can allow you to plan on where to focus on for the foreseeable future and see which users are enjoying your content more.

Ways to improve it

At Border Webworks we specialise in creating attractive websites and understand the tips and tricks to getting your website to work successfully. That’s where our skills regarding other features such as bounce rate, SEO and more thrive. Here are just a couple of the most key topics to focus on:

• Content changes: It can be difficult to gauge what may be causing your content to lack interest from the start, but by focusing on the right pages and improving specific areas, you can improve the chances of obtaining a lower bounce rate and more visitors to your site.
• Links aplenty! : Interactivity is one of the most important parts of any website. Not only does it mean your site can have extra features and pages, but also allows your customer to navigate through a huge rage of content from page to page without having to go back on themselves.

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