Having a website that looks great and performs well is important in today’s competitive market. The majority of your potential customers turn to the internet whenever they need information about products and services. Aside from performing well, your site also needs to be mobile- and user-friendly.

Of course, good performance alone isn’t enough. For your website to be effective, it also needs to stay in line with your brand. Unfortunately, there are times when a complete rebrand of your business’s main website is required. Here are the signs that your business website needs a full rebrand.

A Branding Gap

It is not uncommon for a business brand to change with time. When trying to target new market segments, for example, you can refresh your brand and alter your marketing tactics. Ideally, your website needs to change alongside these elements, but this doesn’t always happen.

After a while, you will see a branding gap. The site no longer represents the business’s key messages. The site may also stop targeting the right market segments because of shifts in your marketing strategy. Even worse, the site may not align with the stories of your brand.

These are the signs of a branding gap. When these signs are apparent, a full rebrand is required. It doesn’t stop with changing the logo and some colors. You want to fine-tune the contents of your site, how it looks and works, to better suit your brand objectives.

An Aging Site

Just like other marketing instruments and branding elements, your site is aging quickly. When you add the fact that web design technology and trends are shifting at a fast pace, it is easy to imagine how a website can look outdated very quickly.

An outdated site isn’t a bad thing. It just means that your design is timeless and that the site is developed properly for long-term use. However, a site that feels and looks outdated may not suit your brand in more ways than one.

When you are a technology company, for instance, a site that looks old does not help your brand. Your outdated site will have a major impact on customer trust and your own credibility. A complete rebrand of the website is exactly what you need.

A New Set of Goals

Another big reason that your site needs a full rebrand is a change in objectives. It is not uncommon for a site to shift from being an informational site to one that engages the audience directly with interactive elements. The type of content you want to deliver may change.

New objectives often lead to a website redesign as well as a full rebrand, depending on the new objectives that need to be achieved. During the development process of the new website, you can also tackle issues like mobile-friendliness, SEO, and conversion.

So, is your business website in need of a full rebrand? If the signs are there, the answer to this question is a YES. Contact us now and find out more about how your site can be rebranded and improved!

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