It’s easy to mess up and not have an effective website launch. To avoid that situation, here are 5 steps to follow to increase the likelihood that you’ll have a successful one.

1. Create a Professional Project from the Start

Create a series of objectives and then set about meeting them. When you’re working with web designers Edinburgh based or elsewhere, they need to be clear on the brief. The clearer you can be, the easier job the design team will have turning your ideas into a reality for the website.

When putting together the team that’ll work on the project, make sure they have enough experience with this type of project to produce a winner. Seeing design projects covering the same industry is a positive sign.

2. Have a Content Marketing Plan

Following the launch, the full content marketing plans goes into effect. Every piece of content should be written for at least one purpose, if not many. For instance, a blog post written and published on a peer’s site can result in a higher organic search ranking. The blog post can also drive referral traffic too.

If possible, perform double or triple duty with a single piece of content. In this way, a company gets the most value from their content investment.

3. Make SEO Your Friend

You must have an SEO game plan set up before the site gets to the launch stage. It’s not necessary to begin before the site is live but once it is, a little light link building to lay the foundation is never a bad idea. Just don’t overdo it, as too many links too fast with a new website is likely to trigger a Google penalty.

Know what your plan is from day one. That might be a blog commenting on superior sites or doing SEO outreach to get some guest posts agreed to. Study some instructional blog posts about SEO and what you need to know. Distinguish between knowledgeable SEO staff and people with outdated ideas.

4.Incorporate Landing Pages

The landing page is a custom designed one where visitors first arrive from a marketing campaign to the website. The purpose of pay-per-click advertising might be to sign up more people to the newsletter, get a sale, or for some other purpose. A successful launch includes a site with one or more landing pages to funnel visitors when someone is responding to an ad or promotion.

5.Set Up Newsletter Opt-in and Auto Responders

One of the biggest mistakes when launching a website is failing to provide a way to collect subscribers with their email addresses. When visitors want to sign up to your newsletter – you do have one, right? – there needs to be one available.

Autoresponders follow up with someone to send out an email. Autoresponders require scores of pitches and informational posts ready to email out after opting in.

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