Learning how to write amazing website copy may seem like a daunting process. However, with our help you can learn the correct ways to entice your customers into choosing your products or services and stand out from your competitors with brilliant online text.

What is web copy?

Website copy, contrary to popular belief, isn’t actually part of the main content on your site. In fact, web copy is most likely to be skimmed over by your website visitors, rather than studied to really find out the ins and outs of a specific thing.

Why is it important?

This form of ‘content’ is a simple way to give your customers a little insight into what you offer without actually putting everything in it. Like the trailer for a movie, you can see some of the most important parts and still be inclined to find out more.

So what can I do?

Here are three starter points that can make your website copy be a truly unique feature for your customers and fit the standards for reliable content:

1: Focus on the important things

As aforementioned, customers may want to see the most important features before diving into seeing what the whole thing can offer. That is why you’ll want to make sure you show off the best parts to make sure your customers know you understand their needs and not bombard them with unnecessary build up before getting to the good things.

2: SEO!

Search engine organization is one of the most effective ways to get your website copy noticed by popular search engines as Google, Yahoo and more. That is why you’ll need to find out what keywords are most likely to be searched when trying to find your product or service.

Not only does this make for an excellent way to rise in search rankings, but also gives your customers something familiar to see when they search that specific phrase.

3: Short and sweet

Web copy is there for the lazy reader; the one that only wants to be there for the facts. That is why it’s important to consider the length of your website copy and whether or not long sentences will be worth it.

Complicated words, repetition and excessive use of traditional formatting might make your customer lose interest. So consider the length of your sentences, how many words you use and whether or not certain areas of the text are actually worth customer viewing.

What else can I do?

If you need any more information regarding website copy or full support with such a feature, our team at Border Webworks are here to help. We have helped many customers create successful web copy for numerous years and are passionate about making websites the best they can be.

To enquire about our support and how we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@borderwebworks.co.uk where one of our friendly team will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

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