Websites for business have grown to become vital for all sorts of industries. This means that it is essential for businesses to keep up with the latest technologies regarding their website. Unfortunately, with ever-developing features and people continuously looking towards the newest elements, you’ll need to refresh the look of your site regularly to keep up with the trends.

Do I have to update my website?

Studies have shown that a large portion of visitors to a site will judge it because of the design alone. That isn’t a very comforting thought considering the amount of users that go online every day. That is why it is important to refresh all assets of your site regularly to maintain traffic and improve user experience.

Will my brand suffer if I don’t update my website?

You may not necessarily lose your business completely, but the lack of keeping information updated can have an adverse affect. Whether it’s as simple as changing the phone number or reinventing the aim of your company, this can make the difference between being a trusted brand and being a lost cause.

What is the effect on my SEO if I don’t keep my website updated and refreshed?

Search engines such as Google change their algorithms more often than people think. If you have been using old SEO methods in your content, you may notice a drop in the amount of visitors coming to your site. This could happen for many reasons, but with SEO it can come down to the quality of your content and whether it is genuinely attracting those for your product or service. This can also be due to the old coding that you are currently using on your site which can affect how the viewer sees your content or accesses it.

Are older websites using old code more likely to be a security risk and more prone to malware

Yes. Hackers are always finding new ways into the back end of websites and without the latest security measures you can lose more than traffic. You’ll need to make sure that you have protocols put in place to ensure that your business and visitors are always protected and can trust your website when they visit.

Is my social media at risk if I don’t update?

If you’ve managed to keep your social media links in a clear location for visitors to see then great! You’ve made the right decision. However, if you have them hidden away in a tiny location such as a corner of the footer, this can be unfortunate for your traffic. That is why it’s important to make sure all your social medias for the business are somewhere easy for your potential customers to find.

What if I haven’t updated my site for years?

Then you should really consider taking time out to refresh your site as missing or old information can really confuse or upset potential customers; even cause them to dismiss your business completely. If you have been making changes to the company, such as contact number, location and other key information customers require, this needs to be renewed.

My URL is SUPER long. Will this put off users?

According to research, some studies have found the average attention span is less than a goldfish. Have you ever found yourself looking for only the most important information, only to find yourself losing interest within a small frame of time? That’s what can happen with your URL. Why bother wasting their time with random numbers, words and letters to remember when they could easily just end the site with a or .com?

How can we help?

If you think your site is looking old or beginning to feel unsafe, don’t leave updating to the last minute. That can be one of the worst things you do. Instead, look to support from our team at Border Webworks to help you improve the look and feel of your site with our expert advice.

You can enquire about our services on 0800 009 6151.

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