Websites need maintenance. It might seem like a very obvious thing to say, but you would be surprised just how many website owners there are out there who are neglecting their websites entirely. Falling into this trap, however, can ultimately end up destroying a website.

There’s no denying that website maintenance is important, but how often exactly should you be undertaking it? This is a problem facing every website owner. If you don’t undertake maintenance regularly enough, your site can become slow and bloated and inefficient. On the other hand, overdoing the maintenance will take time away from other important tasks. It can also lead to the classic problem of making a problem worse by trying to fix it.

The amount of maintenance you should be doing will depend on the type of site you are running, and the amount of traffic you are pulling in. Here’s a quick guide for most website types.

Weekly Maintenance

Depending on the function of your website, and or the nature of the business that it is supporting, you might need to undertake maintenance more regularly than most. It is important that you factor this into your overall plan and vision for the future of your website.

If your website is built upon a CMS (content management system), for example, WordPress, then you will want to undertake your maintenance on a weekly basis. Similarly, any kind of e-commerce store needs to be maintained as regularly as is practical. This means performing detailed maintenance at least once a week.

On a weekly basis, you should be updating your blog and any products that you sell.

Any website which is currently focusing on its SEO and search traffic metrics will also want to undertake website maintenance their site more regularly than most. The more you are maintaining and tweaking the site, the more opportunities you have to enhance your SEO. If you are going to be regularly updating your website, it is important that you do so alongside your web designer. This will avoid potential bottlenecks and confusion further down the line.

If you are currently trying to enhance your SEO, make sure that you are checking for broken links, ensuring images load, and removing any old or irrelevant content that is now longer needed, on a weekly basis.

Monthly Maintenance

For websites that don’t need the most regular maintenance, monthly maintenance should be the standard. Even if you are maintaining your website more regularly, there are certain metrics that are more appropriately viewed on a month-to-month basis. For example, many businesses find that analysing their conversion rate on a monthly basis provides a much more useful picture than weekly checks do.

If you operate an e-commerce store, then you should make sure to buy something for yourself at least once a month. This will very quickly alert you to any issues, either on the customer side, or on your side.

Yearly Maintenance

Finally, you should also take a close look at your site every twelve months to make sure that it is following the current guidelines as set forth by Google, the government, and other companies.  The things you may need to do in this regard vary, but some of the things website owners have had to do in the past include:

  • Making their sites mobile responsive
  • Improving security and switching HTTP to HTTPS
  • Ensuring their sites meet GDPR guidelines

Website maintenance is a vital aspect of website management. Maintaining a website can involve a range of different tasks, some of which are simple, and some which are not. Maintaining your website is much easier with the right software in place. Contact us at Border Webworks, based in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, to find out how we can help to improve the efficiency of your website maintenance.

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