When customers are looking to develop a professionally designed website for the first time,  one common question is regarding the various stages of the process. For first time clients, understanding the steps that the design agency will go through when developing the website helps to make the process feel less stressful and more straightforward. Whenever there is a question regarding the stages of Web Design Edinburgh clients learn that the steps are simple and effective, designed to take the company and their design team through the entire journey with minimal hassle.


The natural first step along the route is the planning of the project. Within the business, the people responsible for the website and the company marketing need to determine their overall project goal. For some companies, their website is simply a presence which offers contact details and a little background, encouraging clients to get in touch for more information. Other companies run large scale ecommerce ventures from their website, updating it with the latest products and accepting payments and orders via the internet. Of course, there are various points between these two extremes, and the majority of businesses looking to set up their website require a little of both, needing their website to be informative and simple whilst engaging with their products. As part of the planning stage, the company will also need to consider their financial position and the amount of money which can be dedicated to web development, before looking to find a developer who meets their requests.

After this initial discussion, a website will be broken down into an analysis of its system requirements. Project goals are given defined points and operations, which can be fitted into the structure of the site through a process of discussion with the Web Development team. Sometimes, client ideas need to be altered slightly to fit into the practical framework, but generally this is a conversation which is ongoing throughout the process. Once an understanding of the specific features required in the website has been agreed, the web design agency can start to create a system and show images of potential layouts and user interfaces. These too get discussed so that the most suitable and attractive option is chosen, which is pleasing to the client and their potential customers too.

Providing these stages are completed, the web developer is then free to start implementing these designs and writing the code for the website. Back end codes can be taken from functional templates or written from scratch depending on the needs of the business, but are tailored to suit each website and the requests of the client. This implementation phase can also involve co-operation between the client and the designer, who may need access to various databases or informational centres in order to complete e-commerce elements, for example.

Thorough testing then takes place, to check all the code created for the website and to ensure that all links are active and properly formatted. Web developers have a range of options available to them for checking ‘bugs’ and removing any errors which occur. Once finalised, the site is then installed and deployed for use with the wider public.

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