Obviously, every company that is looking for a website has its own vision of how that page should look. A good web design agency is able to take these ideas and translate them into a functional and attractive website, which meets the needs of both the company and their prospective customers. With regards to Web Design Edinburgh and its surrounding areas seemingly have many different style preferences, from the bold and dynamic to the elegant and simple and everything in between. However, there are certain features which are consistently appearing on our list of do’s and don’ts and which can make a fabulous Web Design package look rather less than its best. Some are questions of style, others issues of formatting, but each can detract from the overall experience and leave customers feeling a little dissatisfied.

One thing which many people notice and find awkward is the tendency in some websites to capitalise every single letter within a sentence. Whilst capitalising titles and headings is perfectly fine, attracting attention and making a statement, carrying this on through the first paragraph or through the whole page becomes very difficult to read. Of course, this is always going to be a personal preference and some people will continue to find it the best way to make their point – but grammatically and stylistically, there are better ways to add emphasis. On the other hand, underlining things that aren’t a hyperlink is also a sure fire way to irritate the reader! Bold, italics or even colour accents are much better for this purpose, because on the internet an underlined word is always a link. To try and click an underlined word which goes nowhere is confusing and doesn’t give the right message to the customer audience.

The other approach that is often used to emphasise areas is an abundance of exclamation marks. When used sparingly, such as to mark a genuine joke or fantastic offer, they work wonders – when scattered throughout a passage, appearing at the end of almost every sentence, their overall impact is greatly diminished. Exclamation marks are an unusual feature and should be represented as such when in written text. Otherwise, the joke that might have drawn a laugh from the prospective customer simply becomes lost amongst lots of sentences that didn’t need an exclamation mark but used them anyway.

On the other hand, having clearly defined category sections with title headings and highlighted accents remain an element of good design. Finding the balance between focussing the reader’s attention and making it difficult to locate key points can be difficult, but with the help of an experienced web designer it is not impossible by any means. Do listen to the advice of the web design agency, who will understand when a company would like to see a particular feature – but if they advise against it, be sure to ask why and then perhaps to reconsider its use.

Finally, do also have realistic expectations. A web designer will use their own experience and background in order to create something that best represents the brand and its image, but cannot produce fantastic results without the help of the company itself. Providing accurate details and a clear vision help to make sure both parties finish the experience feeling satisfied with the work.

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