When designing a website, the truly great ideas stand out from the rest to make the brands they represent look their absolute best.  For “Web Development Edinburgh” based companies should look to achieving excellence in order to make the very best impression on visitors. It has often been said that it takes just three seconds to make a first impression, both in life and on the internet. If a visitor cannot find the right place to click for information or cannot find the desired content quickly enough, they will look elsewhere and a potential lead or sale will have been lost. Great web development not only looks fantastic but also places the experience of the customer at the fore.

A brilliant website will provide original content that is credible and relevant in as many different formats as it possibly can. From page text through to blog posts, statistics, infographics or pictures, a website needs to offer value in its content. This is the fundamental design principle. A website can look beautiful and sleek of design, but if it has minimal information within its pages then it has no value to the user and visitors will look elsewhere for the details they require. Information also has to be timely and well-edited in order to be current and meaningful. Websites which appear to have been abandoned because their last update was 6 months ago do not make the right impression on a customer. As a developer, this means that content management systems might need to be installed to enable the client to update their own promotional pages or to add news and reviews.

However, this information does need to be tailored, too. A controllable volume accessed by the end user will be far more impressive than a bulk of data in various kinds. Options which allow users to filter the content they are looking at help to narrow down the database and to put the user in control of what they view. Developers are continually looking in this area to create more seamless innovations which help websites to feel more individually personalised for each user, offering the coveted ‘one on one’ experience. Template based database publication helps to be more efficient both for publishers and users alike: when used with the most appropriate “SEO” and ad-based policies, it can make for great website productivity.

Visually, a website needs to be responsive and quick to load, taking into account both options for desktop and large screen viewing as well as the common smart phone view. Smart phones are a feature of the contemporary internet landscape, and responsive web design has to make allowances for the wide range of screen dimensions used today. For developers, this challenge also incorporates ensuring pages load correctly not only in a range of different sizes but also across platforms and browsers. Where historically the majority of visitors would arrive using Internet Explorer, today the wide range of browsers each have their own requirements and responsive design must handle them all with ease. Get more details ???? “Border Webworks”

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