When it comes down to mastering the internet, it can take a huge amount of work to not only build a good website, but to ensure it’s ticking all the boxes and attracting visitors. Here at Border Webworks our aim is to provide our clients with an expert web design service that works.

When we call ourselves the experts in web design we don’t just mean that we’re skilled in designing websites alone, but we’re confident in designing websites, managing them and ensuring they succeed on the internet. Our web design services range from single page web adverts to static ‘brochure’ style websites. We work on content management as well as develop complex databases and driven web based applications. Whether your website requires a complete design from scratch, a full re-design or a few tweaks to its appearance or functions, we can help you.

Creating website that are mobile friendly
With anything nowadays there are technological advancements which completely change and adapt people’s experience in creating online platforms. With the advancement of smartphones, it’s imperative to ensure that you attract all of your potential clients and customers to your website. Not only do you need a good quality looking website, but you also need to make sure that it is SEO optimised and mobile friendly. By mobile friendly we mean that your visitors are able to navigate your website freely as if they were using their laptop whilst using their iPhone or iPad. Often when websites aren’t mobile friendly, there can be significant layout problems – which could potentially force your visitors to navigate away from the site.

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