Have you built a website but seem to be struggling with attracting views and potential clients? The reason being that designing a website is only the beginning of succeeding the internet, the secret though lies with Search Engine Optimisation and online marketing. Here at Border Webworks we provide expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to site owners on the Scottish Borders.

To fully optimise the SEO on a website you need a great amount of patience, commitment and knowledge. There are many aspects to SEO – so applying all of our SEO knowledge will give you a greater chance of being seen and to begin climbing the rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are many SEO techniques and tactics that can really boost your online presence, ranging from onsite and offsite content, keyword research & analysis, and quality link building.

We always focus on all the key influences and techniques to ensure that you begin to rank promptly, but you should always remember that SEO does take time to master and optimise. Your site’s SEO results will not be immediately improved after a week, it will take longer. We will extensively plan and execute a goal orientated strategy that will achieve the best results for your website and business.

We have three packages that are available to you, all of which accommodate to your budget. They have all proven very effective, but vary in timescales.

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