Do you want to enter the online world with your business? Although there are many easy and ‘do it yourself’ ways to create a website and blog, it still takes great knowledge and skill to ensure that your website is being viewed by your targeted customers. Here at Border Webworks we’ve seen it time and time again where a client comes to us with a website and says they’re not receiving any hits. The reason being is that they’ve created a website but haven’t managed it effectively.

We can help you though, not by just creating a website, but creating a responsive website and effectively managing the website.

Responsive web design across Edinburgh

We provide a wide variety of professional web design services to suit your objectives. Our web designs include everything from single page web adverts to static ‘brochure’ style websites to content management systems and the development of complex databases.

Responsive web design, which is also known as RWD is the modern approach to web design. It’s proven effective and allows your website more exposure, simply because RWD is a process that builds a site to provide optimal viewing and interactions. The aim is to provide easy navigation and reading, minimum resizing and panning, and the key part, to allow access from all devices from a desktop computer to a mobile phone.