At Border Webworks we offer reliable hosting in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders. With quality web hosting, you can expect your website to be stored in a quality place on the internet to ensure that your website is accessible to your visitors, but most importantly offers them the best possible experience when browsing your site.

We offer a fantastic website hosting service that comes with many benefits, but we also provide other internet services such as search engine optimisation and web design – which gives you the ingredients to really help your business and give it that extra boost it needs to stand out against other competition.

It can be difficult to spot a good web hosting company when there are so many on the market offering many benefits, but sometime the main challenge is that many business owners don’t understand the benefits of hosting. Here, we like to educate you and ensure you understand.

We combine high quality hosting with the simplicity that prospective clients need. When you choose to host your website with us, we offer flexibility and reliability for your web space. Our service is a premium package free from adverts with regular backups of all your websites, flexible bandwidth options, statistic reports and lots more, all available at a low-cost monthly fee.

For a responsive website, take a look through our website today.

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