Do you believe that your business would hugely benefit from a new or improved website? There are many options available to you when it comes to incorporating your brand, service or product onto the online world. Effectiveness is key, so when it comes to building, re-designing or improving your website, there are many services that we provide here at Border Webworks, which will help you to improve your online visibility and appeal. From web design to hosting in the Scottish Borders, we are confident that we will be your website and online marketing solution.

Improve your website’s performance
Having a website which performs admirably is the best possible outcome you can have, and this comes down to your website’s hosting. With good website hosting, you can expect your website to be fully responsive, quick at loading and also provide you with more benefits; including web access, statistic reports and email accounts. There’s no need for you to be tech-savvy to know about hosting – it’s essentially where your website is stored on the internet, which means that the better your hosting, the better your website will essentially be. Our web hosting services offers reliable hosting without the unnecessary adverts, a UK based server, flexible web space, statistic reports and your very own online control panel, multiple email accounts and regular back-ups of all your websites.

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