Do you want to find a local web design company in Edinburgh? Web design has vastly adapted in the past few years. With technology advancing, the internet has advanced with it, making it more accessible across many different devices. With these newly developed devices, they challenge us as web designers and you as businesses to keep up to date with them, and most of all utilise them. Here at Border Webworks, we are able to provide our clients with the latest website design services, to suit all sides of web design.

Responsive Web Design
We not only offer professional and expert web design services, but we strive to offer responsive web design services – allowing you to think outside the box and utilise all internet users rather than a selected few. Billions of people use the internet on a daily basis, whether it is on their mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer, people are searching the web for all various reasons.

We work to meet your needs, by creating a fantastic to look at website; but also appealing to all potential users. This is why we create bespoke websites for all users; there is no such thing as one website fits all, it doesn’t work that easily. You have to create a site that can adjust to the user; from desktop wide screen to smaller mobile screens.

We not only work on web design services, but we also offer support for ecommerce, hosting, domain names and search engine optimisation.