S.E.O. – Ranking Factors

S.E.O. – Ranking Factors

To succeed in optimising the SEO on your website, you will need to know of the four major factors that affect the position of your website in the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Search engines operate on the principle that ‘when one website goes up, one must come down’ meaning when your competitor’s websites are ranking well, then yours isn’t. It makes sense for us to find out why. Just imagine the search results page as a league table – you will need to play and perform much harder and better than your competitors to climb up the rankings and knock them off the top.

We can achieve this by analysing your competitor’s websites to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and then aim to capitalise on our results to pull ourselves up the search rankings on those big search engines.

Search Phrases and Keywords

Search phrases and keywords are significant in any SEO tactic – but what are search phrases?

Search phrases are the words a web user enters into a search engine when making a search. If you want your website to rank in search engines for these phrases, then you need to include them within your website content. This means that when you’re search phrases are naturally entered into your content, people can then discover your site after they search for that phrase.

An example of a search phrase could be ‘Window cleaning in Glasgow.’ Your aim would be to include this search phrase into your quality content in a natural and readable way.

Keyword research involves creating a comprehensive list of possible search phrases that may be used to search for your website, identifying which of these actually have search traffic and then establishing which of these are achievable to rank, based on your budget and competition.

The position of your website is relevant to your chosen search phrases and keywords.

Your Website

As you may have noticed, good quality and unique content is the vital ingredient for creating a website that ranks well. When we analyse your website, we look at it from the search engines point of view.

Search engines ‘crawl’ the internet following links and looking for websites using programs called search robots. These robots read text! When a website is found, the content is analysed and categorised (indexed) to be recalled whenever a search is carried out on the search engine.

To increase the probability of your website ranking better on search engines for specific search phrases, we need to guide these robots in the right direction and make it easier for them to do their job and categorise your website for the correct search phrases.

This doesn’t mean that you can write content and completely stuff it with keywords and search phrases, the content needs to be well written, natural and readable to a normal human.

Inward Links Portfolio

After everything else is done, how do search engines decide which website, targeting the same search phrase, will appear higher on the search engines results page (SERP)?

The simple answer is they analyse the inward links to a website. Inward links are seen in a similar way as endorsements or votes. The website with the better QUALITY inward link portfolio will gain the higher rankings.

If you’re not actively seeking to attract quality links to your website, then your website won’t improve visibility on search.

Using a variety of methods, including info-graphs, blog postings, directory listings, link outreach and social media, we will create a portfolio of quality inward links to your website. Improving your inward link portfolio should be looked upon as a medium to long term SEO strategy.

Sounds like a lot to take in right? There’s no need to worry, we are confident that we can help any business in any industry. We’ve worked with a variety of clients and been able to produce some impressive results for their SEO and website.

Head back to our SEO service page to find out how we operate and to find out more about our costs.

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