New Responsive Website

New Responsive Website

New Responsive Website

Welcome to the new look, Border Webworks website.

Our new  blog feature  is just one of the things we are excited about introducing! A platform for sharing our ideas and communicating with the wider world, we are pleased to welcome readers on board. Regular updates will look into web design, marketing and all aspects of the industry – with a few jokes and perhaps some behind the scenes information along the way as well.

Our brand new logo and website look are also a key part of the changes made going into this new year. Previous customers might recognize just how different the site looks now, and we’d love to know what you think of our updated image. A major aspect of our restructuring is the implementation of responsive website design – something we are keen to promote as an important feature of websites in 2014.

Responsive web design is based on the principle that all sites are optimized for viewing on all platforms – be that the conventional computer monitor or laptop screen, a mobile smartphone, a tablet or an internet connected television. Responsive design uses the absolute minimum level of scrolling and panning, automatically scaling the content to remain proportionate whilst fitting into the available screen area. Fluid grid construction and flexible images ensure that the site will always adapt to the device being used by the viewer, working by percentage rather than fixed pixel-based dimensions. As increasing numbers of people use their mobile smartphones and tablets to browse the internet on the move, a website which is not optimized to be seen at these different scales will appear awkward and difficult to navigate.

Clearly, this is not ideal for a business looking to impress prospective customers and to attract sales through their web presence! With responsive design, it is also no longer necessary to develop and implement two separate web layouts, as might previously have been required – one site can be viewed perfectly in every common format. We would be happy to discuss responsive web design with anyone who is looking for more information: please contact us to explore the possibilities and we can offer a no obligation quote as well.

With more updates planned for the future of our blog and the constant growth of the world of web design, everyone involved in Border Webworks is looking forward to the year ahead and the development of our relationships with readers, clients and business partners. Come back soon for the next post!

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